Art and Design

Digital Art, Web Assets, Video Editing and Animation

Aaliyah Drawing At Desk
Skull Kid, The Legend of Zelda
Pewdiepie Oni Tambourine and Melon Fan Art

Digital Art and Assets

With more than 5 years as a professional digital artist, designer, and Editor, I specialize in Character Design, Outline Work, Small Animations, and Web Assets.



Years of Experience




Happy Clients

Video Editing

Fast and Effective Video Editor specializing in editing Commentary, Gaming, and IRL videography. Needed assets are also included like description, tags, and thumbnails. (click images to watch videos)



Quick Turn-Around and Reasonable Pricing

“Aaliyah is a friendly, humorous, and talented artist who strives for detail and focuses on client relations to ensure that each commission exceeds expectations!”


Helped to Improve Upon My Original Idea

“I’ve had Aaliyah do work on emotes and the like for my Twitch channel, and not only do they look amazing, he improved on my original idea!”


Quick responses and high quality work!

“Aaliyah did a great job on the emotes for my channel! He responded quickly whenever I needed help and was very creative in the ways he drew my ideas”

Price List

These are base prices, please contact for proper full invoice.
Please read the FAQ and Policies before commissioning.

Video Editing

Edit raws, description, tags and thumbnail

Bust / Headshot

Neck Up- Color, shading/lighting are available

Half Body

Waist- Color, shading/lighting are available

Full Body

Color, shading /lighting and Extras are available

Weekly Video Editing

Video editing for 5 to 7 days a week


Shading + lighting and animations are available

Emote 5 Pack

Shading + lighting and animations are available

Reference Sheet

3 Full body Poses, 2 Example Pieces flat color