Multimedia designer studying IT at ASU through (SCAP).

I have interests in city-planning, public + clean transportation, High Density architecture, film/photography, art, Technology, and games.

Proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

Commissions are open!

  • 4 Headshots ::neck up::
  • 3 Half Bodies ::waist up::
  • 2 Full Bodies ::one character::
  • 1 Two full bodies ::two characters::
  • 1998 Collection

    1998 Collection

    Growing up rough I was born in 1998 and grew up mostly in Florida, near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. A long happy life was once promised. I was then met with new expectations after some unfortunate events. Military outfits, having biological children, and living a white picket fence life. Fortunately for me,…

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  • Olmec gift art for TheDexyn

    Olmec gift art for TheDexyn

    The Dexyn is a fellow artist streamer who loves to make some greatly textured pieces while watching classic movies and shows, one of the most favorited showings was The Legend of the Hidden Temple, in fact their whole aesthetic is inspired by it! While the show was re-airing on Dexyn’s streams, a common joke in…

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  • Ref Sheet for Chubby Tanuki

    Ref Sheet for Chubby Tanuki

    Chubby Tanuki, was needing a fresh reference sheet for him and his character. A big Tanuki! You never really see many tanuki furry characters out in the wild, and I’m proud to say I was part in bringing this one to fruition! I always seem to have a little bit of a hard time sketching…

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  • Pride Boops for Love Druid

    Pride Boops  for Love Druid

    My dear friend Love Druid has a cute doggo, named Willow, who loves to snuggle close and very caring! Love Druid wanted to share the love and joy to all their chat with the almighty prideful boops! We started and finished this project in June, pride month, and quickly became a fan favorite! I first…

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  • Orange Twitch Badges for Oco

    Orange Twitch Badges for Oco

    My favorite drink in the world is orange juice, so when @its_oco12321 asked to get some new citrus badges for their subscribers over on Twitch, I was excited to be able to make some oranges and OJ for Oco! I wanted to give the length of time a form of ripeness towards making orange juice…

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  • Aaliyah in RPG Colored Sketch Concept Art

    Aaliyah in RPG Colored Sketch Concept Art

    Recently I’ve been going through many changes in life, and one of the few changes I have yet to update is my own character! So before making a whole new ref sheet I wanted to get a good feel of the new design. First things first, I wanted to give my character longer hair to…

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