Pride Boops for Love Druid

Nose boop emoji for Love Druid

My dear friend Love Druid has a cute doggo, named Willow, who loves to snuggle close and very caring! Love Druid wanted to share the love and joy to all their chat with the almighty prideful boops! We started and finished this project in June, pride month, and quickly became a fan favorite!

I first started with a sketch of the baby’s snoot, colored and highlighted, making sure I have everything on different layers. Then I made stripes between the outline and colored layers so I could recolor them to different pride colors and animate it by turning the stripe layers on/off. And wah-lah, the snoot can now bright up and warms our hearts! But there’s one problem, no one is booping?

This comes in for the second half of the challenge, I sketched out and drew a finger with the channel’s favorite color as a nail paint rotated and tweened between out of frame and tapping the nose of Willow, making sure to do subtle easing. Match up the timing between taps and highlights and we got ourselves a wonderful boop emote!

This was a great emote to show how even simple animations can make a world of a difference! I’m glad Willow makes a great appearance in chat to boost the pride anywhere its seen!

Thank you!

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