Request a Commission


  • All commissions are based on character complexity and request with outline and flat color already included (unless otherwise mentioned). +$ may be added in invoice for extras like shading/highlighting, backgrounds, printing/commercial permissions, etc.
  • For licensing and printing permissions, please make sure to ask in advance in the other part of commission form.
  • Total is due at agreed sketch, if order is over $100, half is due before sketch and rest is collected after sketch.


  • Can I DM you for commission quote?

To request a commission, please visit the commission form, please do not DM me for commissions. If you have a question about commissions, please feel free to email me at aa**********************@gm***.com

  • May I pay extra to ensure a slot?

My commissions are first come first serve. If earlier commission requests are abandoned then next in line on waiting list is contacted via email. I do this so everyone gets a fair chance towards getting a commission. keep an eye out incase I open up more more slots!

  • Signature removal?

Signature may not be removed or altered from the file or image, you may not resign it under your/other’s name, You don’t need to specifically include my signature/credit me in bio when cropping to pfp/banner

  • I don’t have any money, can I pay in exposure?

LOL!… no, and there is no exceptions.

  • Can I get my commissions printed?

Yes! You may get the pieces printed for personal use, you’ll need a print license for 3rd party printing services which I will provide upon request, they’re good for 3 months when signed. If you need a commercial license, please tell me beforehand while initiating the commission so I can properly price and set up the product and licensing.

  • When I commission you, do I get the copyrights? Can I commercialize the piece?

I do retain all copyright for all art pieces created and/or commissioned through me. When commercializing you will need a license which will be negotiated beforehand.

  • I saw your art on Redbubble! should I get it?

If you find any of my art you suspect that is not licensed, please email me at aa**********************@gm***.com with the subject including “license concern” and I will look into it as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for keeping an eye out!


To see all active and closed licenses, please visit this document