Olmec gift art for TheDexyn

The Olmec from the show, The Legend of the Hidden Temple, raised from the ruins to claim sacrifices of those who failed the temple’s trials

The Dexyn is a fellow artist streamer who loves to make some greatly textured pieces while watching classic movies and shows, one of the most favorited showings was The Legend of the Hidden Temple, in fact their whole aesthetic is inspired by it! While the show was re-airing on Dexyn’s streams, a common joke in chat would go along the line of “Sacrifice the child to almighty Olmec!” especially when the kids weren’t seen again in the show after they lost.

Children face the almighty Olmec for their trials

When I used to actively push streaming a lot, I had a raffle for my subscribers on twitch and TheDexyn got himself a sub to join in the fun / to support me and the community! After pulling the clutch in the raffle, his request was to finally see what happens to the children when they lose and are eventually sacrificed to the almighty Olmec!

In what I imagined, Olmec was Diglett-like where his body was buried amongst the ruins of time only to rise on the occasion. A square-esq head with an elongated body, he becomes immaculate. With the trials he offers and sacrifices in hand, he floods importance. Or something scary like that. ^^;

Anywho, I’m glad this little homage to the classic The legend of the hidden temple now exists, maybe the piece will inspire new creepy pasta about the show or its recent reboot being canceled after only one season. Maybe they had to cancel it due to sacrifices not being so cool anymore like they were in the 90’s!

Thank you!

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