Ref Sheet for Chubby Tanuki

Shaded and Highlighted Ref sheet for Chubby Tanuki with clothing and about on right

Chubby Tanuki, was needing a fresh reference sheet for him and his character. A big Tanuki! You never really see many tanuki furry characters out in the wild, and I’m proud to say I was part in bringing this one to fruition!

I always seem to have a little bit of a hard time sketching out reference sheets, but I finally get it after the 7th try, yes I struggled on initial sketch that hard, only because I wanted to make it look perfect and have all three full bodies line up, after the initial sketch however which took about a few hours it was smooth sailing, outline, BAM, Coloring, BAM, shading and highlights, BAM BAM!

Keeping all my layers separate, I was able to easily modify the art piece to have a clothed version showing Chubby Tanuki’s casual outfit. The ref sheet is of course included with flat (no shading/highlights) for future artists to easily color pick, there’s also a full color pallet on the top right to show off how many colors are used.

Flat color (no shading or highlights) ref sheet with no clothes (SFW)

If I was to redo this piece or further develop other ref sheets, I would’ve gone and labeled each color in the color pallet by showing where its used or writing the labels for the color’s use.

The designed character was extremely fun to draw, since they’re so fluffy I could feel the warmth just by looking at it! Tanuki and I have talked here and there about getting more commissions and artworks done for his character so be ready to see more of him around!

Thank you!

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