Orange Twitch Badges for Oco

upscaled Orange Badges for Oco’s commission

My favorite drink in the world is orange juice, so when @its_oco12321 asked to get some new citrus badges for their subscribers over on Twitch, I was excited to be able to make some oranges and OJ for Oco!

I wanted to give the length of time a form of ripeness towards making orange juice from month 1-3, slicing of 4 and 5, then the finished orange juice box. Month one being a unripen green, month two is an unripen orange, and the third is ripe! For the fourth, month six, a slice of the orange is cut out and the fifth, month ninth, is the whole orange cut in half. Lastly for the highest tier, the one year, we have the final and ultimate form of oranges! The orange-juice! To kick off the biggest “nostalgic” feeling, I went and drawn out the orange juice in a OJ box, one similar seen in school cafeterias.

I’d like to make note that the badges shown are upscaled due to them being originally drawn in 72×72, 36×36, and 18×18! Smaller art pieces are a fun challenge! 🙂

Thank you!

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